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Pioneering Gemadept: Contributing to Building a Sustainable Future for Vietnam's Port Industry

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Driven by increasingly strict standards from foreign shipping lines, Vietnamese seaport enterprises must adopt greening operations that meet international standards. Pioneering the effort, Gemadept is constantly striving towards a sustainable future for its business, while collaborating for the industry's development.

Strong commitment to the Sustainable Development Strategy

Over the past years, Gemadept has conducted greenhouse gas inventories according to ISO 14064-1 Standards at major ports such as Nam Dinh Vu, Dung Quat, and Gemalink ports, and is replicating this model throughout the system.

The Company also proactively evaluates green port standards according to TCCS 02: 2022 CHHVN and deploys the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system at key ports. In particular, Gemadept is the first enterprise in the industry to develop a Sustainable Development Report according to GRI global standards, demonstrating transparency and responsibility in publishing emissions data and reduction initiatives. 

Dung Quat Port - A Pioneering Model of Green Port

Gemadept's Dung Quat Port has become one of the first ports in Vietnam to be assessed and certified as "Green" under TCCS 02:2022 CHHVN. BSI (British Standards Institution), a reputable assessment organization, independently verified the port's green credentials. This is a testament to Gemadept's continuous efforts to standardize green operations and implement environmental protection measures. Gemalink, Nam Đinh Vu, and Binh Duong ports are also actively implementing these standards and aiming to achieve international green port standards, contributing to a green and sustainable port system.

Diverse and Effective Green Initiatives

Gemadept's achievement of green certifications stems from its implementation of numerous practical and effective green initiatives. These initiatives include applying energy-saving measures, investing in renewable energy through two large-scale solar power projects, utilizing green and environmentally friendly materials, and prioritizing environmental hygiene and emissions reduction.

In particular, Gemadept-Gemalink and its partners also implemented the "Seed for Sea" mangrove planting initiative, collaborating with international shipping lines to plant more than 50 hectares of forest in the Mekong Delta, contributing to protecting biodiversity and addressing climate change.

Building a Green Corporate Culture

Gemadept understands that fostering a corporate culture that prioritizes sustainable development is crucial for achieving its environmental goals. The company has implemented various initiatives to raise awareness and engagement among its employees regarding environmental protection. These initiatives include organizing educational programs, providing environmental management training, and encouraging employee participation in green activities.

With a long-term vision and strong commitment, Gemadept is gradually asserting its position as a pioneer enterprise in standardizing green elements and building a sustainable port ecosystem. Gemadept's efforts not only bring benefits to the environment and society but also contribute to improving competitiveness and creating a positive brand image in the eyes of customers and partners.



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