In addition to the two core businesses of Port operation and Logistics, Gemadept owns a number of selected investment projects, including real estate projects located in the most favorable locations, golden lands in the busy economic and administrative centers of big cities. The commercial value of these projects has been increasing sharply.

Real estate

Real estate is one of Gemadept's selective investments. Currently, Gemadept is implementing two complex projects, the Saigon Gem project in CBD of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City and a 5-star hotel project in Vientiane, Laos.

Saigon Gem project is located in the golden land of HCMC with a total land area of ​​3,640 sqm. This is a high-end complex consisting of a commercial center and Grade A office with modern and classy architecture and meets the requirements of the local government's architectural planning criteria.

Information about the project:

  • Land area: About 3,640  m2
  • Construction area: 60,000 m2
  • Total investment capital for the project: USD 140 million (estimated)
  • Architectural and structural design consultancy: International
  • Estimated construction period: 2.5 years

For the real estate project in Vientiane, this is a 6,715 square meters area stated in a very favorable location right on Lane Xang Avenue of Laos' capital. The 5-star hotel project is designed with 7 floors and 1 basement with a total floor area of ​​21,329 sqm. Once completed, the project will provide Vientiane Capital with 231 5-star hotel rooms.

Information about the project:

  • Land area: 6,700 sqm
  • 6-storey complex, including:
    • 5 star hotel
    • Shopping mall
  • Total investment capital for the project: USD 140 million (estimated)
  • Estimated construction time: 2 years

With the extremely rare and favorable locations mentioned above, the two real estate projects of Gemadept promise to become iconic works in the two busiest economic and commercial centers of Vietnam and Laos.