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Gemadept Honored on the Information Disclosure Best Practices in 2024

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On July 1, 2024, the IR Awards Program officially announced the "Comprehensive Survey Report on Information Disclosure Activities on the Stock Market 2024." This is an annual activity under the IR Awards (2011-2024) co-organized by Vietstock, the VAFE Association, and FiLi e-magazine.

Based on the survey results, in 2024, there were 424 out of 708 businesses that fully and promptly met information disclosure obligations on both stock exchanges (HOSE and HNX), accounting for 60% of the total number of businesses surveyed.

This marks the highest rate of companies meeting information disclosure standards in the program's 14-year history (since 2011). This suggests an increase in business awareness and a significant shift in information disclosure practices across the market.

According to statistics from the The Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD), currently only 80 out of nearly 1,800 listed companies publish reports in English. Gemadept is one of the few listed companies in Vietnam that has been proactively disclosing bilingual information in English and Vietnamese for many years, and has also been widely communicated through multiple channels, including websites, mass media and digital platforms, which has been highly appreciated by international financial institutions and investors.

Being honored in the list of companies meeting information disclosure standards in 2024 once again demonstrates Gemadept's efforts in information transparency, and accurate and timely disclosure of information to shareholders, investors, and stakeholders.

In addition to being a leading enterprise in Vietnam's Port and Logistics industry, Gemadept recognizes the importance of shareholder and investor relations activities. These activities are crucial for maintaining sustainable relationships, optimizing business value, and ensuring strong communication between the Company and all stakeholders.

Therefore, in recent years, in parallel with ensuring full disclosure of information, Gemadept has continued to strengthen investor relations activities through regular updates on production and business information on the website, Company newsletters, direct and online meetings and seminars, conferences, forums and site visits. These diverse and regular activities have been highly appreciated by shareholders and investors.

Going forward, Gemadept will remain committed to effective information disclosure and investor relations activities. This will create sustainable value for all stakeholders, strengthening Gemadept's market position and brand. Additionally, these efforts will contribute positively to the country's economic growth and prosperity.




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